Northward-bound … for San Francisco Ballet ‘NEXT@90’ anniversary celeb

War Memorial Opera House interior, photo robert canfield I’m heading north — to attend a friend’s birthday party. That is, San Francisco Ballet, the oldest extant classical-ballet company in our nation. Established in 1933 by Adolf Bolm, and developed artistically and institutionally by three ballet brothers, Willam, Lew and Harold Christensen, the SFB staged the ...

Plethora of Vail Dance Festival ballet premieres livestreamed

Limón Dance Company in ‘The Waldstein Sonata’ 2022 Vail Dance Festival. Photo Christopher Duggan The bountiful convergence that is the Vail Dance Festival is now in high gear, and along with forming new partnerships and taking on new roles (Roman Mejia performing Jose Limon’s Chaconne was one of this year’s intriguing expansions of a major ...