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At this time of sadness over the death of the great post-modern-dance choreographer, Trisha Brown, it stung to learn that Brown’s husband, video artist Burt Barr, too, passed away just last November. I met Barr when he accompanied Trisha Brown for her company’s performances at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in the summer 2011.  At the ...

Met @ Jacob’s Pillow: post-modern dance pioneer Trisha Brown

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What an honor to meet the great Trisha Brown, who graced Jacob’s Pillow with a three-day visit in tandem with her company’s 40th anniversary performances here. Accompanying the influential post-modern-dance choreographer was Burt Barr, the video artist, and also Brown’s husband. In the slideshow: Trisha Brown, Burt Barr Brown dances a painting. Or is she ...

What friendship hath wrought: Jodi Melnick & David Neumann’s “July” premieres at Jacob’s Pillow

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“July,” a stirring dance duet whose refined physical beauty gives form to its tender emotions, had its premiere Wednesday night before the great open backstage door of Jacob Pillow Dance Festival’s Doris Duke Theater. The gifted duo, Jodi Melnick, a former Twyla Tharp dancer, and David Neumann, a dance-theater-comedy specialist, created the absorbing work on ...