To Untermyer Gardens with Duncan dancers!

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The dancers trained in the technique and philosophy of modern-dance pioneer Isadora Duncan (1878 – 1927) already danced at Untermyer Gardens! Having missed both opportunities (first in 1922, then in 1932), I’m so grateful to be attending an update of this essential American modern-dance history on Labor Day weekend. That’s this Sunday evening at six ...

Cinecon 58: Stars of yore to twinkle once more Labor Day weekend

I’m in New York having a ball — except for the sob sessions that I won’t be in Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend when the annual Cinecon Classic Film Festival blasts off Thursday September 1. Gracing the Fest in its celebratory 58th year (a return to ‘in person’ with masks encouraged) will be the ...

Italy’s Kilowatt Festival: dancing an ‘ethic of living’

Detail from Piero della Francesca’s “Virgin and Child Enthroned with Four Angels” In the hometown of Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca, the Tuscan borgo of Sansepolcro, the Kilowatt Festival, in its 20th year, examines how contemporary performance can foster “urban regeneration.” This year’s theme, “Excess of Reality,” entrusts performance with reformulating “a forgotten ethic of ...

REVIEW: Kyle Abraham/A.I.M. at Lincoln Center ‘Summer for the City’ 1

To take a summer break in New York (as I am) in August, when dance is mostly happening at bucolic out-of-town festivals, and to run into the prodigious choreographer Kyle Abraham‘s newest work for his Cadillac of a dance company, Abraham in Motion (A.I.M.) — the New York City premiere of Requiem: Fire in the ...

To unfold once more! My Miyake

Ed. note: It’s not every woman who can rock a high-fashion ensemble like the one above designed by Issey Miyake (1938-2022), whose immense trail of creativity left our world this past week. One lady who can is the London-based author and arts journalist Candace Allen, who writes about the inimitable look here: I’d been gifted ...

Rejoicing to be Joyce’ing!

rennie harris LIFTED – photo nikki lee Who in their right mind comes to New York in August? Well, that would be your friend artsmeme. Yes, it is a blazing inferno here. But that doesn’t stop the dance presentation. We’re mostly “off” season, but there’s still so much to see. There’s a three-part program presented ...

Plethora of Vail Dance Festival ballet premieres livestreamed

Limón Dance Company in ‘The Waldstein Sonata’ 2022 Vail Dance Festival. Photo Christopher Duggan The bountiful convergence that is the Vail Dance Festival is now in high gear, and along with forming new partnerships and taking on new roles (Roman Mejia performing Jose Limon’s Chaconne was one of this year’s intriguing expansions of a major ...

artsmeme newsletter will see you in september!

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brigitte bardot, 19, hits the beach at cannes artsmeme newsletter will see you in September! As we approach out 15th anniversary (that’s next May 2023) we’re saving all our energy to report on the coolest and funnest arts happenings when the season opens — in September. Just like our pal Mlle Bardot, above, we do ...

Critical jottings: “Tiny Little Town” from TMB

‘plein air’ rehearsal, courtesy tmb Summertime and the living is meant to be easy …. so why doesn’t it feel that way? Not really loving the Congressional Hearings? Spending $120 at Trader Joe’s for a bag of stuff that recently cost half that much? Is it the fact that COVID just won’t stop — and ...

Italy’s Santarcangelo Festival counters apocalyptic narratives through dance

Every July since 1971 the Italian borgo of Santarcangelo di Romagna, a town in the Apennines, six miles from the Adriatic Sea, becomes the European hub for cutting-edge performance. The summer 2022 edition of the Santarcangelo Festival, “Can you feel your own voice,” thankfully does not allude to pandemic nightmares (i.e., one’s own echoing voice ...