Forward-looking, at Rogue Machine

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anna khaja, taylor shurte, james liebman, jeff lorch On our planet’s frightening social and political seismographic scale, and by any theatrical measure, “Earthquakes in London” is definitely a shaker, especially if climate change and the human condition concern you. Now playing at the Electric Lodge in Venice, weekends through March 1, the ambitious, edgy Rogue ...

The Cirque*us is in town!

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Wow, and wow again! The action-packed Cirque du Soleil production “Volta” just opened under its big top in the Dodger Stadium lot, and it’s worth a multitude of wows. There’s even an act where signs are held up, the word “Wow” on them, in case you miss your cue!  As with all Cirque productions (I’ve ...

Action-packed ‘Hotel’ from Cirque Éloize

making their entry: artists of cirque eloize Ed. note: This article was commissioned and first published by The Soraya. It is republished on artsmeme with permission. They hurtle, tumble, and spin. They climb, juggle, and balance. Often, in practice, they fall. They’re the riveting performers of the Montreal-based contemporary-circus troupe Cirque Éloize (“ell-waz”). Their tireless ...

Looks interesting: John Kelly’s latest

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Photo credit: Josef Astor Adapting a text from his subject’s diaries, novels, and letters, performance artist John Kelly has fashioned a dance-theater piece based on the fantastical life of Samuel Steward (1909-1993), a gay novelist, tattoo artist, author of erotic fiction, and, according to Kelly, unabashed sexual adventurer. Underneath the Skin, commissioned by the NYU ...

Pre-show snackery: simple smoked-salmon sandwich

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It’s not gourmet. It’s a simple repast. It’s what the British call “homely.” But it is good — and it’s necessary. With apologies for the teeth marks, may I introduce you to the lowly pre-theater bar snack? Everyone knows that the eternal question for theater-goers is … eat before or after the show? This option ...

Unmasked: Melania Trump revealed

flotus, bloatus, or just baloney? It’s a brilliant idea for a new play. Because haven’t we suffered enough from these horrible people? It is way past time to mock and laugh at them. Throwing custard pies is a possibility. In the meantime, Asylum Theatre and writer/producer Liana Mesaikou are poised to present the world premiere ...

Rita Moreno, Ph.D.

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She’s won two Emmys, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony, the so-called “EGOT.” Now she’ll adding missing letters to her alphabet soup of honors, when Rita Moreno receives a Ph.D. from The Juilliard School. She’s great with accents and has a distinctive voice, but even Moreno may struggle with this one: EGOTPhD. Moreno was ...

REVIEW: Diana Wyenn, theater in her veins 2

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First, I squirmed. Then I squiggled. I crossed my legs, then re-crossed them. Drawing a deep breath, I wondered at one point if I might faint. Talk about visceral theater! Diana Wyenn’s one-woman show, Blood/Sugar, seen last night at the wonderful Bootleg Theater, goes granular, right down to the grains of sugar your pancreas is ...

REVIEW: ‘I Married An Angel’ at City Center’s Encores!

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Sara Mearns, Mark EvansRodgers & Hart’s I Married an Angel Director-Choreographer Joshua Bergasse Over the past few seasons Sara Mearns has found a home at City Center for projects outside of (and sometimes very far removed from) her “day job” as one of New York City Ballet’s leading ballerinas. At Fall for Dance she has ...

Jerry’s kids, and grandkids, revel in ‘Jerome Robbins’ Broadway’

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“Jerome Robbins’ Broadway 30th Anniversary Celebration,” a lovingly assembled, heartfelt 90-minute program presented in the Guggenheim Museum’s “Works & Process” series, was several events bundled into one. It was a loving coda to the Jerome Robbins Centennial; an enthusiastic alumni reunion; and a celebration of a landmark Broadway production exactly 30 years after its opening ...