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In 1945, the only clown out of eight manufactured marionettes coming down the Bob Baker assembly line was Coco. One day Bob Baker decided to create a new character from the scraps and discards left on the cutting tables and floor. Bobo was born.

Bobo, in his day, was a success. Thousands of Bobos were sold as fast as the Baker corps could manufacture them. Three wallpaper firms put him on a children’s line of wallpaper. He had his own TV show, The Adventures of Bobo, which was the first television series to originate on the West Coast, televised from KFI-TV: Los Angeles.

Bobo joined the Baker touring company as a mute puppet. Hiding behind Mr. Baker’s leg, he would peek at the children trying to coax him out so that the show could go on. Then came the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and Bobo went into retirement appearing only for a specialty number or a nostalgia act. 

Bobo is back! In celebration of Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s 57th anniversary (and 1st anniversary in its new home in Highland Park), you can now purchase a beautifully handmade Bobo puppet and lend support to this valiant puppet theater. 

This limited edition, collectible marionette is crafted in-house at BBMT and based on an original design that Bob Baker himself created more than 50 years ago. It is a delight to have this piece of LA and puppetry history and a legacy of the Theater back in time for the holidays.

Bobo | Limited Edition Bob Baker Marionette | $500

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