Of human desire: Adrian Danchig-Waring at Lake Tahoe Dance Festival

Lake Tahoe Dance Festival, Tahoe City, July 27, 2023 Photo: Erin Baiano It is a danced solo for a great dancer of our time, Adrian Danchig-Waring. The muscular yet faultlessly precise twenty-year principal of New York City Ballet ascended the stage in the guise of a 19th century poet: handsome in grey trousers and a ...

‘Hustling’ at the Guggenheim Museum

Dance · Reviews
Seems like an odd fit, right? Yes, it’s a fabulous idea to honor “The Hustle” in its 50th anniversary. The fast-paced, stepping social dance has a name conducive to the city from which it emerged: New York, a place that is full of it, and by that we mean hustle. But to throw a birthday ...

Best of: Guggenheim’s ‘Works & Process’ artist videos

Dance · Film
Ed. note: We’ve been tracking the rollout of virtual (video) commissions by artists reacting to life in a new abnormal — a global pandemic. As part of her previous story about the commissioning of these works by the Guggenheim Museum’s Works & Process, writer Susan Reiter carefully selected “best of best” videos with commentaries, which ...

Guggenheim ‘Works & Process’ spurs artists in limbo

Dance · Fashion · Film · Music · Theater
Dylan Crossman When performance venues shut down abruptly in mid-March, innumerable planned events were put on hold. That included the Guggenheim’s modest but high-profile “Works & Process” series, midway through its spring season which featured a mix of dance, theater and music events.  Launched in 1984, the adventurous series “explores artistic creation through stimulating conversation ...

Jerry’s kids, and grandkids, revel in ‘Jerome Robbins’ Broadway’

Dance · Theater
“Jerome Robbins’ Broadway 30th Anniversary Celebration,” a lovingly assembled, heartfelt 90-minute program presented in the Guggenheim Museum’s “Works & Process” series, was several events bundled into one. It was a loving coda to the Jerome Robbins Centennial; an enthusiastic alumni reunion; and a celebration of a landmark Broadway production exactly 30 years after its opening ...