Pronounce Olga Preobrajenska 1


Seen above (it’s a capture of a video, but does not spool) is dear little Olga Preobrajenska. Small in stature, mighty in reputation as a second ballerina with the Russian Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg. After her retirement, she became a famed instructor-in-exile, in Paris.

She is also looooong in last name.

Unpronounceable — until now! Our Moscow correspondent Leonid Nokhov has sent a sound file to help arts•meme readers mouth the words. Take it away, Leonid!

Click to pronounce it like a pro! Olga Pre-o-bra-jen-ska

One comment on “Pronounce Olga Preobrajenska

  1. Jennifer Fisher Jul 19,2023 12:09 pm

    If you listen carefully, he’s saying Preo-bra-Jen-sky-yah.

    Sometimes, the “skaya” last part of a Russian name was shortened on their first tours. But he’s saying it here.

    It’s always been fun to me to master pronouncing ballet names. But I gave up trying to learn Russian language—researching in English is hard enough!

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