Curtain up for ‘Bayadère’ rehearsal at Palais Garnier


Front-row seats in a live, costumed performance would be better. But, for second best, watch this video’ed répétition, (rehearsal) of an Act Three duet from La Bayadère danced by these two full-bodied, gorgeously trained grands étoiles of Paris Opera Ballet: Amandine Albisson, as Nikiya, partnered by the hunky-but-sleek dreamboat, Hugo Marchand, as Solor. The rehearsal starts at 11:40, and we have queued it up for you, special on artsmeme! A third presence is that of ballet mistress Clotilde Vayer. The whole thing is such a dream, such a privilege to imbibe. Enjoy! and control your awe.

From the POB website: La Bayadère recounts the ill-fated loves of the dancer Nikiya and the noble warrior Solor, promised to the redoubtable Gamzatti, in an imaginary India complete with elephants, tigers and palanquins. Rudolf Nureyev adapted the choreography, in 1992, by Marius Petipa – to music by Ludwig Minkus – restructuring it to include virtuosi variations and large-scale ensembles.

amandine albisson, hugo marchand, la bayadere

Fun Facts, and Who’s in Love With Who:

Solor: A noble and valiant warrior from the Indian kingdom of Golconda. He is in love with Nikiya.
Nikiya: Temple dancer and guardian of the Temple’s sacred fire. She is in love with Solor.

World Premiere: Feb. 4, 1877
Imperial Ballet -Maryinski Theater, St Petersburg, Russia
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Music: Ludwig Minkus
Nikiya: Ekaterina Vazem
Solor: Lev Ivanov

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