I get by with a little help from Gwen Verdon

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carol burnett, phyllis diller, bobby gentry, gwen verdon

Dateline Nov 20: It’s been a wretched week. A crazy person, with “a little help” from his equally crazy friends, is foisting a coup d’etat on our democracy; the very air of my neighborhood has become a dicey thing to breathe; and the Doris Duke Theatre where over two contiguous years I gave pre-performance talks and conducted interviews as a resident scholar at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, burned to the ground!

Yes, THAT kind of week …

But! In pops the great Gwen Verdon with a few of her gal-pals — Bobby Gentry, Phyllis Diller, Carol Burnett — in mustachioed disguises (Verdon’s in a peach-colored costume) in a guest-turn on The Carol Burnett Show. This put a smile on my face. Love you, GV.

ya just know it’s her! the gwennish voice, but also: look how she stands!

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