Use your ‘Baroque Bubble’ to protect from COVID


Is wearing a mask and washing your hands all day getting you down? Then pick up some social distancing tips-and-tricks from the 18th Century — and protect yourself from a decidedly 21st Century disease, COVID-19.

Selective use of crazy Baroque dance gestures will careen those hovering around you a distance of six feet! The “Baroque Bubble” developed by Catherine Turocy, artistic director of the New York Baroque Dance Company is taught in this video by the company’s associate director, Sarah Edgar, aka stage name Hilda Schmitterbitz. If you master these gestures, you’ll soon find yourself as lonely as a Trump supporter in Los Feliz, California.

“Few things will cause people to steer clear of you than the liberal use of baroque gesture in public,” promises Mlle. Schmitterbitz.

So … reinforce the power of your bubble. Introduce these gestures: “You Stop!” “Pleading and Striking” and “Aversion.”

Here we go!

Does Your Royale Baroque-Self object to prerecorded video instruction? Then join the action with Caroline Copeland‘s weekly ‘live-on-line’ Baroque dance classes. For the past two Wednesday mornings, we’ve been studying the minuet under the watchful eye of Ms. Turocy, who also takes the class. If you think it’s so easy, check it out. The classes are superb. artsmeme is taking them!

Caroline Copeland Baroque Dance Zoom Classes | Wednesday mornings at 11 am EST | register via FB

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