Exit the jazz giant: McCoy Tyner


Meandering, plucking-and-picking, pouring forth, cascading. In the video, pianist McCoy Tyner (1938-2020) both reveres and rips into “My One and Only Love.” It’s a ditty with underpinnings so thin it’s just humbling the mighty mountain of sound Tyner constructs of it. Personnel include McCoy Tyner (piano), Azar Lawrence (saxophones), Juini Booth (contrabass), E. W. Wainwright, Jr. (drums), Guillerme Franco (percussion).

McCoy Tyner (Sasha Maslov for The New York Times)

And a personal note from friend of artsmeme (f.o.a.m.), Steve Gaboury:

January 1973, Berkeley Community Theater. One of the highlights of my life was being the opening pianist of the evening followed by McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea. (I had just turned 18, and they were basically my two heroes at that time.) Such an original sound and vision of jazz piano that forever changed the genre.

According to Steve,”Flora & Airto had travel difficulties with making the show. So it was Chick, Stanley and Lenny White!” And McCoy Tyner, we assume! Also: “Chick [Corea] used my Fender Rhodes and I borrowed his acoustic amp.”

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