Soulful, spiritual, aspirational: Yuval Ron Ensemble revisits Spain’s Golden Age

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The first time I heard the music of virtuoso guitarist Yuval Ron was, gosh, it must have been twenty years ago, in an intimate concert at a private home — his own. Packed into a living room on three sides in chairs arranged three rows deep, a group of total strangers passed an indelible evening of music the memory of which has never left me. Subsequently, Yuval has toured the world bringing messages of spiritual unity and peace through his music.

In an upcoming concert in Topanga Canyon, the Yuval Ron Ensemble – with guest flamenco artists Manuel Gutierrez and Jose Tanaka – explores the Jewish and Gypsy traditions of Andalusia, Spain. With fiery Flamenco, Sephardic-Jewish music, dance and story telling, the program revisits the Golden Age of Spain, a time when collaboration between the three Abrahamic faiths led to cultural and scientific achievements.

The stirring gypsy-flamenco artists evoke Andalusia in the Middle Ages and explore a vision for 21st century as a new time of convivecia (living together in harmony), reconciliation and promoting dialogue and collaboration among Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities worldwide.

What a beautiful message and a marvelous opportunity to take time out from the daily insanity in which we swill to go on this magical mystery tour led by Yuval Ron.

The event takes place in the historic arts community of Topanga Canyon, at the Corozon Performing Arts, which has an impressive program of performances.

The Soul of Spain | Corozon Performing Arts | Feb 29

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