As the clock ticks, time well spent on ‘The Day’

Dance · Music

Who can resist the alluring image, above, from a new theatrical production, THE DAY, presented at CAP UCLA and featuring two strong women of the performing arts, former New York City Ballet dancer Wendy Whelan (she is now associate director of the company) and cellist Maya Beiser, described as “a force of nature” by The Boston Globe and a “rock star” by Rolling Stone.

Together with modern-dance choreographer Lucinda Childs and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang, these four top creatives-of-a-certain age will ruminate, in THE DAY, on themes of memory, aging, death and the survival of the soul—through the lens of mundane daily calendar appointments and the visceral, languages of music and dance.

The piece, reviewed by Brian Seibert in the New York Times as a visual and aural tone poem, recalls a particularly horrific calendar day September 11, 2001. The work was seen on the East Coast at the Joyce Theatre and at Jacob’s Pillow. Royce is a very spiritual hall … and this program bodes well. We are living in grueling times. Seeking solace, I will attend.

THE DAY | CAP UCLA, Royce Hall | Oct 18, 19

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