Unmasked: Melania Trump revealed

flotus, bloatus, or just baloney?

It’s a brilliant idea for a new play. Because haven’t we suffered enough from these horrible people? It is way past time to mock and laugh at them. Throwing custard pies is a possibility. In the meantime, Asylum Theatre and writer/producer Liana Mesaikou are poised to present the world premiere of Fifty Shades of Melania, a comedic new theatrical take that promises to exercise the three known facial expressions of our dear FLOTUS.

melania trump, the bronzed collectible — she’s for sale

She doesn’t really care – or does she? Is she victim or accomplice? Trapped or willing agent? Join Melania Trump at an exclusive press conference as she tries to get re-elected as the First Lady of the United States. Hopefully “Fifty Shades” will satisfy our undying curiosity about what makes our enigmatic First Lady tick. (Beyond her Cartier watch.)

Fifty Shades of Melania | Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre | opens June 8

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