Pilobolus at Pepperdine — to the max


It’s a ‘best-of’ show — to the max. For 45 years, the clowns, tumblers, acrobats and very good dancers of Pilobolus have tested the limits of human physicality to explore the beauty and the power of connected bodies.

Pilobolus also connects with key influencers, thinkers, and creators of our world. A current tour show soon at Pepperdine University’s fun Smothers Theatre, Pilobolus Maximus, takes the most diverse and impactful elements of Pilobolus—some old, and some brand new—and assembles them in a series of continually changing worlds.

Pilobolus is one of the dance world’s most resilient brands — I enjoyed their last foray at the Smothers immensely. Go. Think. Smile. Enjoy.

Pilobolus Maximus – Beyond the Limits of Dance | Smothers Theatre, Pepperdine University | Jan 25

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