Look at your neighbor, urges artist Alexey Steele in Carson exhibit

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We just spoke to our good friend, Alexey Steele, the Russian born-and-trained neo-realist painter and the impresario of the hugely popular “Classical Underground,” music series which we attend and enjoy. Alexey has a new project opening this week in the city of Carson, California, the multicultural hotspot in Los Angeles where Alexey-and-family reside in a cool arts loft.  According to Alexey, his new exhibit, “My Neighbor,” focuses on the power of art to spur social action.

Says Alexey:

FImamor me the answer to many difficult questions of the modern world exists in the simple principle “Love My Neighbor.”

Every neighborhood has great, great people.  The purpose [of the show] is to get people to look at each other … to encourage them to look at their neighbors.

No matter where you are, you have a great cool neighbor.

Someone who is universally loved in the neighborhood.

They are bedrock of our society.

“My Neighbor’ was created by Steele in collaboration with The City of Carson through a grant from The City of Carson Cultural Arts Commission.


My Neighbor Series: Capturing the Soul of America’s Diverse City | Carson Park Building | opens Thursday June 30

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