Irish painting master Patrick Graham in major show @ Rutberg’s

Visual arts

A rare opportunity to view the works of one of Ireland’s most influential contemporary artists, Patrick Graham, who, starting next weekend will be honored with an important exhibit at one of L.A.s’ most respected art galleries, Jack Rutberg Fine Arts.

Thirty-six works including Graham’s iconic large-scale paintings and complex mixed media drawings, deeply rooted in the Irish landscape that hold personal and symbolic references combined with experiences of both oppression and repression.

Ambiguous symbolic forms and scripted phrases populate works that also evoke traditional song and lyrical poetry, exploring issues such as identity, freedom, mortality and faith.

Art historian Peter Selz, former curator of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the founding Director of the University of California Berkeley Art Museum has curated the exhibition. Selz is also an essayist, among others including the artist himself,  in an accompanying 98-page, full-color exhibition catalogue

Patrick Graham – Thirty Years: The Silence Becomes the Painting | Jack Rutberg Fine Arts | opening reception May 21

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