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The dream team debuted last year — and hit a home run. So… three strong film writers are set to do it again!

The strategy remains the same: Divide and conquer the densely programmed, movie-studded long weekend of the seventh annual TCM Classic Film Festival.

Pounding the (once-glittering, still star-studded) sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and journeying by intrepid foot between the Egyptian and Chinese theaters, our trio of critics will memorialize TCM Fest 2016.

Stephen Farber, president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, is a film critic for The Hollywood Reporter. He currently hosts “Anniversary Classics,” a presentation series of Laemmle Theatres.

Debra Levine, a dance critic and editor/publisher of artsmeme, curated “All That Jack (Cole)” at The Museum of Modern Art in January.

Sheri Linden writes film reviews and essays on film for the Hollywood Reporter and the Los Angeles Times, and blogs about art for the County Arts Commission.

arts·meme has covered TCM Fest yearly since its inaugural moment in 2010. Bring it on! We can handle it. Set your dial here for fine film writing.

TCM Classic Film Festival 2016 | Hollywood | April 28 – May 1

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  1. Dana Ross Mar 25,2016 7:28 am

    Brilliant. This will be good.

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