Writhing & wriggling Gwen Verdon elicits yawns in “David and Bathsheba”

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In this wonderful clip from DAVID AND BATHSHEBA (1951), the great Gwen Verdon fails to arouse the attention of a couple of onlookers, despite choreographer Jack Cole throwing every slinky trick in the book at them. Watching Gorgeous Gwen, you’d think they’d at least sit up in their chairs!

The 20th Century-Fox Biblical epic, directed by Henry King and starring Gregory Peck as King David and Susan Hayward as Bathsheba, was filmed in Nogales, Arizona. Maybe that was the problem. But Gwen’s bit, we are rather certain, would have been filmed on Pico Boulevard. To add insult to injury, according to IMDB, Gwen went uncredited in the movie.

In this article dated 1955 plucked from the Verdon-Fosse Legacy website, it is noted that Gwen Verdon was too hot for Hollywood.


Thank you, The Verdon Fosse Legacy.

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