Strong women of European dance at Biennale Festival


Hunter -small

What goes on in Meg Stuart's head? I found it fascinating.


Powerful, impenetrable, nearly possessed: Meg Stuart in "Hunter."


Grueling repetitions in rigorous solo by beautiful dancer Luisa Cortesi: "L'appuntamento."


Much of Cortesi's "L'appuntamento" conducted in mirror.


Challenging & edgy: solo by Laurent Chetouane for Forsythe dancer Roberta Mosca.

in contro-1-.Andrea Macchia

Maria Munoz & Raffaella Giordano's "In contro,": brilliant improvisations as dancing Vladimir, Estragon

Attending one week of the recently concluded Biennale Dance 2014 in Venice, I was struck and impressed by the strong roster of female dancers and choreographers on display.

A critical round-up of the Festival just published on The Huffington Post.

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