Tere O’Connor Dance @ Skirball Center



I see a lot of performances. Did you notice that? I do. But few dance concerts left as strong an impression as Tere O’Connor Dance‘s oh-so-casual “Rammed Earth,” presented at a downstairs performance space of the Skirball Center in 2008. I remember dancers cruising, moving, in clusters, formations, lines and rows. Simple, throwaway stuff that accrued force and weight over time.

On this visit, O’Connor, whose choreographic process includes layering and assemblage — words typically associated with the visual arts — brings to Los Angeles Sister and poem, two works of a multi-year project entitled BLEED.  

It’s fun to see dance at the Skirball. Very positive memories of Neil Greenberg and the massive environmental piece by Eiko & Komo still linger. So, go.

Tere O’Connor Dance | Skirball Cultural Center | April 3, 4

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