Susan Marshall’s fetishized femmes

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Marshall_Susan“Stop,” created by choreographer Susan Marshall, is a music video featuring an original score by Pulitzer prize-winning composer David Lang, played by members of the electric guitar quartet Dither and Mantra Percussion.

“Stop” is a virtual companion piece to Susan Marshall & Company‘s new dance performance Play/Pause, which the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA is presenting Saturday night at Royce Hall.

“Stop” references the dance moves and sleek production value of popular music videos, but introduces abstraction by adding choreographic complexity, and stripping away context to make the dancers’ movements the primary element.

Two little girls from little rock by MissYria

“Just Two Little Girls from Little Rock” the dazzling film-opening dance sequence from GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES (1953), choreographed by Jack Cole sixty years ago, features a strikingly similar arrangement.

Two women, one blonde, one brunette, primp and pose for the camera, erotically touching their torso, shoulder, heads in a precise and detailed fashion.

Play/Pause | Susan Marshall & Company | Center for the Art of Performance Royce Hall | Sat Nov 9

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