Friday night tights 2

Dance · Film

On a Friday night, one guy puts on his tights.

Directed, written, produced, edited by: Joonki Park

A winner in the Canadian Film Centre‘s “Shorts Nonstop” competition. Thank you, Ian Birnie, for the share.

2 thoughts on “Friday night tights

  1. Keith Oct 24,2013 10:44 pm

    I just got an email from a donor to my “Why American Men Dance” documentary and he told a story of how he went to the NYCB gift shop in Lincoln Center looking for a dance souvenir to excite his 8 year old grandson about ballet. Asking for a music box with a twirling dancer on top, the gift shop clerk said there are only women dancers on the music boxes in the store. He was very disappointed. His grandson had yet to take a dance class. He called it his Jacques Damboise moment.

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