Trey McIntyre, the pride of Boise and beyond


Trey McIntyre seems to have it all going for him. He’s talented, a gentleman, personable, accessible, friendly to all, hugely handsome and hey, he’s tall. 

Six foot six to be exact.

Interviewing the Boise-based choreographer for a piece in the Los Angeles Times we conferred with a friend of arts·meme, Nancy Wozny, a long time Houston-based dance writer who has tracked McIntyre’s journey since his start with the Houston Ballet.

Wozny, who is editor of Arts & Culture and contributing editor of Dance Magazine told us, “Since the get-go, everything about Trey screamed, ‘I can’t wait to choreograph.’

“Trey’s a choreography wonk; he thinks in steps. He chooses very accessible songs and he creates a parallel universe between music and dance. It tells your brain a third story.” 

So well put, Nancy, I know what you mean by a third story.

Read my piece in the Los Angeles Times.

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