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I am really liking artist Amy Jean Boebel’s beautiful wire and mesh screen sculptures. The Santa Monica sculptress and creator of wearable art also makes tutus!

Boebel, who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and Tulane University School of Architecture, will showcase not this work, but a new installation at Diverted Destruction 5 at The Loft at Liz’s opening this Saturday night.

Boebel creates high fashion, sculpture and assemblage out of ordinary construction materials found in hardware stores. Her primary medium is aluminum screen, which she effortlessly transforms into a variety of functional art forms, from cloud-like canopy installations to whimsical sculptures, to women’s bodices and ballet tutus.

Another new installation happens at the A + D Museum, as part of an annual show “Come In Les Femmes” —15 women artists selected to ‘invade’ the museum with art installations from the ceiling to the ladies room. 

At the A&D (opening July 12), Boebel will hang sculpted dresses and garments of aluminum screen from the ceiling, creating a vast array of abstracted work.

Artist Gwen Samuels, who hand stitches women’s dresses out of photo imagery (made to resemble iconic buildings), will also be featured in the A + D show.

Both artists explore women’s clothing and feminine imagery.

 Amy Jean Boebel | The Loft at Liz’s | June 30- Sept 4
“Come in! Les Femmes” | A & D Museum | opens July 12
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  1. linda U Jul 1,2012 12:37 pm

    Amy Jean Boebel’s work is brilliant. Ethereal out of the ordinary. I love the whimsical take on the elements of living.

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