L.A. traffic jam inside Caroline Graham’s home 2

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Super-publicist Caroline Graham’s holiday party in Santa Monica last night was akin to the 405 freeway bumper-to-bumper. Navigating the human traffic-jam conjured Blake Edwards’s party scene in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” It took a full forty minutes to cross Caroline’s cozy living room to greet a friend. It took just as long in the other direction to reach the bar. Charles Windisch-Graetz, Caroline’s partner at C4 Global Communications, watched in wonder.

 L.A. creatives in attendance bustled with year-end news. They included:

  • Norman Pfeiffer, architect, a purveyor of award-winning theaters, chatting about his new performing arts center he’s designed for Chapman University in Orange County.
  • Also clustered and carousing in Caroline’s cottage-like home were Martin Summers, art dealer, his wife, Ann Summers and daughter, the television  star Tara Summers of “Boston Legal” and “Ringer”; Jean Moore, widow of Irish author Brian Moore; John Walsh, ex-director of the Getty Museum and his wife, Jill Walsh; Lindsey Kozberg communications director of the RAND Corporation, and RAND Africa expert, Ed O’Connell. 

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2 thoughts on “L.A. traffic jam inside Caroline Graham’s home

  1. Sam May 9,2012 10:03 am

    I have never seen any city so full of people so full of themselves. I hope all this is all ironic, but it surely is LA ridiculous to me.

  2. Gina Buntz Dec 23,2011 4:09 pm

    Now reading THIS definitely puts me in the holiday mood of good cheer. I’m visualizing it completely! Cheers to you and Caroline and all the great women who are so inspiring on the pages of cyber space, the printed page and painted face of Audrey Hepburn and beyond!

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