Genius. West Side Story.

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Just in from seeing “West Side Story” projected on big screen — my first such viewing (big screen) since who knows when … or maybe ever. What a great movie. Robbins’s choreography is so stellar, so wicked, so spot-on and thrilling; it’s even scary —  in “Cool.” The “America” number on the rooftop, beyond brilliant. Every song, even the ones that had me fidgeting as a kid, fabulous. The entire cast unspeakably great, nothing rings false. Surprising~ Natalie Wood, wonderful. Russ Tamblyn. also, very good. Not at all surprising … George Chakiris and Rita Moreno, both fantastic. Going to see WSS again at the Fox pictures party at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on 15 November. Everything looks even better at Grauman’s.

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