Jiaxing party animals. Yes, *that* Party.

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Arriving in Jiaxing, we remember our Chinese Communist Party (CCP) history.

The party was founded under the guiding eye of Comintern agent, Grigori Voitinsky, in Shanghai’s French concession. It was July, 1921 — China’s summer of love. The first party congress had 53 attendees.

Immediately feeling the heat from the Kuomintang authorities, the group transferred to this small Yangtse River delta town, where Lula Washington Dance Theatre will perform tomorrow evening.

Once in Jiaxing, the CCP boarded a “pleasure boat” (hongchuan, the “Red Boat”) out of harm’s way. Afloat in the middle of the South Lake (NanHu, directly across from our hotel), the CCP formalized its existence 90 years ago.

The slide show below opens with a replica of the original “party boat” where it all went down. Also included are photos of some latter-day party animals, caught banqueting in Jiaxing tonight.

We’re in a hugely historic spot and it’s a city full of shops, weeping willow trees, and Shanghai-style charm. It’s especially nice following the relatively tough slog we just had in Wuhan.

Saturday night: LWDT performance in Jiaxing. Party on!!!

thank you, greg pfleger, u.s. consulate in shanghai, for CCP history lesson.

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