Paul Taylor Dance Company in San Francisco


Friday, April 1:
Orbs (1966), a reconstruction of an early full-evening work in which Taylor, as a young choreographer, explores the pull of natural forces on human relationships. A highly formal work set to exquisite late Beethoven string quartets.
Also Playing (2009), Taylor’s likable and high-spirited send-up of vaudeville theater

Saturday, April 2:
Brief Encounters (2009), to “Le Coin des Enfants,” by Debussy, a mysterious and beautiful work for dancers dressed in black skivvies, delicately reflecting its Debussy score. The extraordinary lighting is by James F. Ingalis
Three Dubious Memories, (2010), a somewhat awkward but still engaging dance drama depicting a love triangle and incorporating violence and tension.
(1988), to two Bach Brandenburg concerti, a full blast of Taylor-ania replete with twists, turns, leaps and one beautiful adagio section for one man and three women.

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