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I enjoyed my chat with dancer Kimberly Prosa, one of two body doubles for actress Natalie Portman in Darren Aronofsky’s BLACK SWAN. The film, a psychological thriller with dazzling special effects, opens nationwide December 3.

Reports Prosa on her amazing and unexpected first-ever movie experience:

“I went to audition at an open call looking for extras to be background fill-in as dancers.

“Darren pulled me aside and said, ‘You have a lot of resemblance to Natalie.’

“He took me in and interviewed me, taking a million photos from a lot of angles. I ended up doing several things on that film. I did photo doubling for her.

It’s a dark film; you are not sure what is real and what isn’t. There is a double for Natalie  — a kind of evil twin. You wonder, is it another person or is it she imagining herself?

“They were shooting my feet from the waist down. I did stunt doubling as well, fight scenes and getting pushed through mirrors, so I got pulled into different aspects.

[Click on Prosa’s gnarly feet, at right. When shown in preview screenings of BLACK SWAN, they elicited gasps of horror (but yawns in a ballet studio). They’re the result of special-effects make-up.]

Says Prosa: “Natalie took class, she studied for several months, from the waist up is her. Sarah Lane a soloist at ABT, did the heavy tricks, she did the fouéttes, but they only had her for a limited time, a couple of weeks, so I did the rest of whatever dance shots they needed.”

“We filmed in New York.

“She [Portman] definitely put her work in. Just in a couple of months, she looked credible — all the dancers on the set were really impressed at how well she pulled that off — it was pretty amazing.

“It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career,” Prosa concludes, her voice ringing with pride.

* * *

Thank you, Kimberly Prosa, and, on behalf of all dancers, we think you deserve an Oscar!

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2 thoughts on “Meet Natalie Portman’s evil twin, body double Kimberly Prosa

  1. anna jerthrude Mar 10,2011 7:19 am

    Wow, you got some of the Swan Queen’s role… isn’t that what Tomas said to Nina when she thought Lily was after her? CONGRATS !!!

  2. maria elena Mar 10,2011 7:10 am

    Kimmy, congrats!!! as what Tomas (Vincent) said to Nina (Natalie)”…every dancer in the world wants your role”. Well, im one of the dancers in the world who wants to be Natalie’s body double.

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