Lawrence K. Ho’s dance photo

Dance · Visual arts


This superlative dance photograph, taken by Los Angeles Times photog, Lawrence K. Ho, was published in tandem with my review of the Beijing Dance Academy at the Ahmanson Theatre this weekend. Here are more of his photos in a slideshow.

Researching Mr. Ho, I was impressed but not surprised to learn that he has won a Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism.

The photo is magical, the product of a keen eye. As for the dance moment, no special effects were involved in creating it. The ingredients:

  • a row of people who devote their lives to dance, a great art form
  • costume design employing exquisite color palate and long sleeves of rippling silk.

The action: Dancers throw arms in the air. That’s it. Click of camera.

Take that, Cirque de Soleil!

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