An omelet with Juliette Binoche: ‘The Taste of Things’ 2

Juliette Binoche is a film goddess. That we know from her 86-plus movie credits in which her luminous presence — think Garbo — is but a point of departure for a vast range of fascinating performances. But did you know she makes a mean omelet? You’ll learn that while watching La Binoche, as Eugénie, an ...

REVIEW: ‘La Binoche’ swaps partners, melts down, in ‘Both Sides of the Blade’

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Why does a movie stick in your head and haunt you for days after viewing? That was my experience with director Claire Denis’ latest, BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE (2022), opening in theaters July 8 and streaming July 23. It surely has to do with the shattering intimacy of Juliette Binoche‘s beautifully modulated performance as ...

Koehler Clips: Camille Claudel, Lenny Cooke, Vermeer

CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915 The brilliant female sculptor Camille Claudel, according to the 1988 movie version starring Isabelle Adjani, was oppressively dominated by the towering presence of Auguste Rodin and effectively driven insane by jealous but more powerful men. But writer-director Bruno Dumont isn’t interested in that version or chapter of Claudel’s life. Dumont is one ...