Eiko & Koma’s ‘Water,’ in a frigid lily pond

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“Water is in our bodies, rivers, sea, our womb, and our tears.” So say Eiko & Koma, the Japanese-born performance duo, in an artists’ statement. Immersed for 45 beautiful, but bitter-cold, minutes in a Skirball Center lily pond, they encourage their audience to “remember and imagine the ancient water from which all living things came.” ...

Why art matters: Eiko & Koma and photographer Johan Elbers on lower Manhattan sand dune in 1980 2

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Photo featured in Eiko & Koma: Time is not Even, Space is Not Empty Photo credit: (c)Johan Elbers (1980)   Like this? Read more: Eiko & Koma’s “Event Fission” at the landfill created for the World Trade Center, 1980

Eiko & Koma’s “Event Fission” before the twin towers of the World Trade Center (1980) 2

How did these two artists foresee that there would be hell to pay on this site? Who knows? They’re artists. They probably don’t know themselves. “Event Fissions” took place at sunset at Battery Park Landfill in Manhattan, which was created from sand dredged from New York Harbor and earth excavated during the construction of the ...