What is the pointe? Let’s ask Ballet22. 2

Carlos Hopuy, ‘etoile’ of Ballet 22Former Ballets Trockadero star Shoes matter. There are things — physical things — a dancer can do in pointe shoes that are simply not possible on “flat,” either in barefoot or in soft slippers. It’s about spin and speed. Balance and bravura. Line and elongation. Everyone in dance knows that ...

Ballet Hispanico’s all-female choreography-roster @ The Broad Stage

Linea Recta, chor. Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Ballet Hispánico. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not a ballet company – although the dancers are beautifully trained in both ballet and contemporary dance – and it’s not folkloric either. According to the company’s artistic director and CEO Eduardo Vilaro: “We are the child of both in ...