Girl, you’re a woman now: arts·meme at 13

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kind of looks like arts·meme founder did at 13

While you were all watching Netflix, arts·meme celebrated her 13th birthday. Since I was also watching Netflix on May 24, I missed it as well. But hey, now that things are opening back up, … er… what’s that? We’re closing down again? Opening again? No more masks! Wait, what? Masks back on? What is it that this virus doesn’t understand about wreaking havoc with the art world?!

At artsmeme, we don’t believe people “need” the arts. Nor do we believe the arts will “heal” you, or our social ills. We actually don’t have a theory for what the arts are or are not. We’ve always tracked artistic creativity and human expression — just by instinct. When it felt natural and right. During “high pandemic,” we seriously lost our appetite for performance. Life was reduced to sourdough bread, “The Crown,” and looking at a tree.

But now, fueled by the return of a longtime advertising client, the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, we’re back! This show of support for arts journalism support woke us up. We’re woke! Meanwhile, give us a little twirl, arts·meme!

We’re taking it slow and easy. We wish you an easy re-entry too. And please have fun with our annual birthday posts. You’ll laugh. The little lady grows up. Click around!

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