Blonde on blonde @ Hollywood Heritage

Alice Faye, Betty Grable

Mitzi Gaynor, who worked at Twentieth Century-Fox in the ’50s (The I Don’t Care Girl, Golden Girl) knew what color her hair should be. Looking back at movies in which she appears in (her natural) mousy brown locks, she commented dryly, “Oh, that was before my hair grew in blonde.”

We are in anticipation of a fun and informative event that will bring closure to the question whether blondes have more fun. The careers of lovely ladies Alice Faye, Betty Grable and other notable Fox blondes Sonja Henie, June Haver, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield & Sheree North will be the focal point of a virtual tribute hosted by Hollywood Heritage and The Hollywood Foreign Press Association: The Fox Blondes – Alice Faye & Betty Grable.

The tribute will be produced and emceed by Hollywood Heritage Board Member Bryan Cooper and will feature exclusive interviews with Grammy & Emmy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Michael Feinstein, as well as George Ulrich, Faye expert and webmaster of The Alice Faye Website. There is a song component to the event, as well.

We’re going!

The Fox Blondes: Alice Faye & Betty Grable | Hollywood Heritage virtual tribute | March 10 7:30 pm

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