L.A.’s greatest filmmakers revealed, on ‘Home Movie Day’


You’re already at home. So why not be very meta and watch home movies?

From the tidal wave of on-line screenings and events, this one popped out. It’s such a COVID-clever idea: a compilation of submitted movies starring your cigar-smoking Uncle Sam, pet parakeet, sister’s Bat Mitzvah, new lawn mower, first dive into a swimming pool and other precious memories — all to be shared with the broad public they deserve!

Home Movie Day is a project of the Center for Home Movies, a non-profit organization facilitating amateur film preservation and outreach. And it’s got accolades from someone who has incorporated their look into his feature films.

Home movies do not just capture important private moments of our family’s lives, but they are historical and cultural documents as well. Home Movie Day is a celebration of the films and those who shot them.

Martin Scorsese

The 18th Annual Los Angeles Home Movie Day, which will be online for the first time as part of the virtual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar, presented by L.A. as Subject and the USC Libraries. The live streaming event will consist of materials curated from a diverse array of Los Angeles cultural institutions, as well as reels collected from Angelenos in advance.

This purports to take us back to a happier time. Or does it just seem better because it’s in the past? Let’s watch and decide …

Los Angeles Home Movie Day | Sat Oct 17 | free event register here

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