In Yiddish: ‘Vash di hent!’ Wash your hands.

photo courtesy yale strom

That’s the sage advice of our meshugenah but so-talented friend Yale Strom, who is hosting a special Facebook live offering this coming Wednesday on Radio Free Covid-19.

The program, The Tshudne Shtunde (Bizarre Hour) features music from Strom’s ethnographic trips in Eastern Europe collecting klezmer and Yiddish songs from 1981-through today. This week will feature stories about Czechoslovakia. Songbird and fellow musician Elizabeth Schwartz will sing tunes from Yugoslavia and Hungary as well. She’ll join Strom in singing Khasidic nigunim from his “yikhes” (pedigree) Stolin, Belarus.

The Tshudne Shtunde (Bizarre Hour) | Yale Strom & Elizabeth Schwartz | Wednesday March 25, 1 pm PST

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