Where are we heading? Ask artist Eric Nash

Visual arts

We seem to be going sideways … some people think we are going down! So it’s nice of painter Eric Nash, in his soon-opening show at Skidmore Contemporary Art, to lend some much-needed direction.

Eric Nash began his career in Chicago as an advertising art director, thus his interest in universal and iconic imagery. He works in oil and charcoal and is known as a West Coast Realist. A resident of the Yucca Valley, his work has been featured at Laguna Art Museum, Tucson Museum of Art, Palm Springs Museum of Art and the Riverside Art Museum.

In his artist’s statement, Nash says

We drive to live. We drive for money or success. We drive for dreams and ideals or we drive just to survive. These paintings are markers along the way.

DRIVE | Skidmore Contemporary Art | opens Sept 7

Hollywood Blvd, 2019, oil on canvas 48 x 60
West Los Angeles
, 2019, oil on canvas 48 x 72
Sunset Blvd Only, 2019, oil on canvas 36 x 48
Pacific Coast Highway, 2019, oil on canvas 38 x 60

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