Dear Hollywood Boulevard … love, The Lare

boulevard of dreams … and nightmares

ed. note: a letter contributed by artsmeme’s friend Jeff Mantor of Larry Edmunds Bookshop on the cusp of the opening of ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.

Dear Hollywood Boulevard,

You are a short street, but a long road. A place & idea.

A dream & a dirty nightmare all rolled into one.

It isn’t a place for everyone and the challenges can overwhelm.

I feel that way often lately.

real deal 1985

Where the history & tradition that I am lucky enough to be part of can be celebrated. Walk on in & smell the quality, 81 years worth!

Where generations have come & found entertainment or education, where the history & magic of the movies are not just an escape, but everything.

Very soon, this 50-year old-version of the Larry Edmunds Bookshop will get a few seconds of passing by glory in Quentin Tarantino’s new Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

We are honored & proud.


I was told by the man himself that he used to come shop in this store when he was 15 years old. Here’s hoping that another 15 year old can walk in here & be inspired. Here’s hoping that our history is living, breathing & present as well as historical.

Please support this store & we will do our best to encourage & support the dreamers of tomorrow.

You could start with a visit or attend one of our wonderful programs.

That is my Hollywood dream.

Love & gratitude,
the LARE (Larry Edmunds Bookshop)

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