Judy Garland plays The Barn

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She pulverized the Palace, and made carnage of Carnegie Hall. She slayed in Las Vegas. But you ain’t seen nothing yet … till you see Judy Garland play the Barn. That is happening Wednesday June 12. And we’re going!

Garland, known to be a droll wit, made numerous appearances on television in the ’60s that will be shared with Barn animals, er… the esteemed members of Hollywood Heritage whose headquarters museum is hosting JUDY GARLAND ON TV IN THE 1960’s. This presentation commemorates the 50th anniversary of her death on June 22, 1969 at age 47.

Included will be Garland’s “Mystery Guest” segment of What’s My Line? (1967); the only surviving footage of Judy on the Gypsy Rose Lee Show (1965); and brief overviews of her film career and 1963-64 TV series.

Jack Paar, Judy Garland, 1962

The highlight will be her warm and witty 1962 appearance on The Jack Paar Program. She tells stories of growing up in vaudeville and at M-G-M. She also sings songs from the animated Gay Purr-ee in which she was a starring voice. Jack Paar called this his favorite of all his shows

Presenter Les Perkins has won more than 85 awards for producing, directing, and editing documentaries, celebrity tributes, TV shows, promos, plus bonus content for DVDs and Blu-rays, especially for classic Walt Disney movies. He is also a life-long Judy Garland aficionado. He shares these rarities from his personal collection.

Judy Garland on Television in the ’60s | Evening at The Barn | June 12

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