One man’s ‘Bliss’ … @ Fluxus Fest


… is this woman’s The Marriage of Figaro.

More to the point, focus on the final few minutes of Mozart’s sublime operatic score. Take that rapture and loop it for twelve hours – a Fluxus-Festival endurance feat — and you have Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson‘s Mozart madness starting at noon, at REDCAT, on May 25.

So, what’s Fluxus? It’s an avant-garde, mixed-genre season-long festival, with orchestral music at its core, that is now midstream in the 2018-19 Los Angeles Philharmonic season.

The West Coast premiere of Kjartansson’s Bliss will be a fully staged production, accompanied by experimental classical ensemble wild Up, under the direction of artsmeme friend Christopher Rountree.

The roots of Kjartanssons’ obsessiveness are explained in his bio for the Broad Museum, where his immersive work, The Visitors, was recently staged.

photo credit: Elizabet Davids

Ragnar Kjartansson ‘Bliss‘ | L.A. Phil Fluxus Festival | REDCAT | May 25

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