Silent Movie Theatre before/after #metoo accusation

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The disbanding of The Cinefamily at the end of December 2017 began with accusations of sexual predator behavior. It led to the unraveling of The Cinefamily’s clearly vulnerable organization which, despite miscreant behavior, managed to project movies onto the screen of the former Silent Movie Theater. The frothy group of followers, both guys and gals, occasionally included me. And I liked seeing the place when I drove or walked by. Anyway, that was then. Here is how it looks now — it is unblemished by sexual harassment, but highly blemished by graffiti. A dismaying sight.

Silent Movie Theatre April 2019, photo by Chris Nichols

Here is the story, in Variety, dateline Nov 14, 2017:

Los Angeles independent film venue Cinefamily will permanently shut down and dissolve the board following allegations of sexual misconduct made against some of Cinefamily‘s executives in August that led to two resignations from the company. Read more here.

A renovation of the property is underway, and has been since last summer. But good lord, that exterior is just shameful.

A big artsmeme thanks to Chris Nichols for the photo.

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