Strolling through American teen-dance history

Dancing to a hit song of late 1957, “The Stroll” by The Diamonds, these kids clearly did not get the memo that being a teen in in the ’50s was a boss thing to be. Their charming shyness — and, ahem, terrible dancing — is precious. And it’s the polar opposite of today’s Tweeting, Instagraming, self-promoting youngsters.

Televised teen dance-party programs are getting intense scrutiny, these days, by dance historian Julie Malnig. A book is on the horizon. Friend of arts·meme, Steve Vilarino was a teen dance-party devotee but in a later era than this video. Steve danced in the sixties.

Speaking of the ’60s, this is a wild one, below. It juxtaposes teenagers doing The Stroll in both 1957 and ’68, with a decade of cultural revolution separating the two videos.

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