Boom boom boom boom! New Year’s 2017 with Fred & Barrie 2

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I like the way you walk …
I like the way you talk …

.. and I LOVE the way you dance.

Hollywood dancer Barrie Chase (who was also a stunning clothes horse) wears an impeccable pink mini-dress as she traipses the stage of The Hollywood Palace with His Majesty, Fred Astaire. The date of the Hollywood Palace broadcast was April 30, 1966.

We chatted with Barrie about this number over the New Year weekend. She noted that Astaire “always wanted to keep up with latest trends.”

But at the time, she resisted the number, feeling embarrassed by her costume. “I hated wearing those white boots. I thought I was a little more than a go-go dancer in a disco birdcage.”

Well, you look gorgeous to our eye, Barrie Chase. Love the boots.

Fred and Barrie were covering a hit by The Animals in 1965, Eric Burdon & Co. in turn covered the John Lee Hooker blues original, “Boom Boom.”

2 thoughts on “Boom boom boom boom! New Year’s 2017 with Fred & Barrie

  1. debra levine Jan 9,2018 1:25 pm

    She is so under-rated, Dana. this is hardly their most challenging number, but any dance critic can see her technique. Of Astaire’s many great, great partners, Barrie had the most rarefied dance technique. And she still has that beautiful bod.

  2. Dana Ross Jan 9,2018 1:02 pm

    I love that you put the Animals clip in. It gives more depth and relevance to the article. Barrie Chase is awesome.

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