Southern Californialand, here we come!

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Native Southern Californian Charles Phoenix has been called the “King of Retro.”

Now the King of Retro will make a personal appearance at one of our most distinctive historic properties to have been spared the wrecking ball, the still vital, still operating vintage beauty, Union Station.

Phoenix’s presentation at Union Station, sponsored by Metro Art.

“Charles Phoenix: Southern Californialand” is a whirlwind slide-show adventure exploring SoCal’s undiscovered, underrated and misunderstood mid-century architectural gems, past and present.

With trademark enthusiasm, eye for odd-ball detail, and keen expertise, showman, author, tour guide and food crafter Phoenix roasts and toasts spectacular suburban style, space-age drive-ins, coffee shops, bowling alleys, shopping centers, extreme homes, dingbat apartments, fast food restaurants, theme parks and much more.

Charles Phoenix: Southern Californialand | Union Station | Fri Apr 21, 8:30 pm, free admish

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