JazzAntiqua lives, with live music @ Nate Holden Center Nov 15

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Alex and Autumn-full
If there’s anything I’m a bigger fan of than live jazz accompanying dance, it’s a great dance photograph … artistic director Pat Taylor has both on tap in promoting the premiere of “Song in a Strange Land,” a new work for her JazzAntiqua Dance Ensemble.

Founded in 1993, the award-winning JazzAntiqua honors the jazz tradition as a vital thread in the cultural fabric of African-American history and heritage and as a defining element of the American experience.

The performance, presented at the fun Nate Holden Performing Arts Center by Ebony Repertory Theatre, has a musical director, bassist Trevor Ware, and two guest choreographers, the well-named Frit and Frat Fuller. It all sounds so alluring, doesn’t it, and a November’s eve well spent. We’re going.

Photo credit: Joe Lambie
“Roots, Rhythm & Swing”: choreographer, Pat Taylor; dancers, Alex-Malachi, Autumn Randolph

Song in a Strange Land | JazzAntiqua Dance Ensemble | Nate Holden Performing Arts Center | November 15, tickets

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