Stravinsky in West Hollywood, 1967, captured by photog Bobby Klein

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stravinsky in window MHGI had been invited back to the Maestro’s house one evening to show him some of my previous work. He took me into his study and locked the door. Beethoven was playing on these huge Voice of the Theater speakers really loud. Stravinsky had been ill and was being watched like a hawk by his wife and staff.

He reached behind some books and pulled out a bottle of White Horse Scotch saying, “You photograph Stravinsky, you drink with Stravinsky.”

He poured me a water glass full and we drank. Alcohol was not my drug of choice in those days and I got wasted.

In my mild stupor I had the idea for this shot and stumbled into the garden and made one of my favorite images.

Igor Stravinsky, West Hollywood, CA 1967
© Bobby Klein, 1967.
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