Bob Fosse’s “From This Moment On” from Kiss Me, Kate 1

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Thirty years as a dance critic focused on classical ballet and modern dance has led me to a new fascination: high-impact commercial dance of stage and screen. It fits my mood to see dancers hustle with high energy — and entertain. This number features Carol Haney, a Jack Cole dancer and rehearsal assistant to Gene Kelly who went on to be a very good choreographer herself (Flower Drum Song, She Loves Me, Funny Girl). What a great, great dancer.

And I enjoy the use of natural voices in the singing.

Identified by couple: Ann Miller and Tommy Rall; Jeanne Coyne and Bobby Van; Carol Haney and Bob Fosse.

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  1. Robert Rivera Aug 5,2013 11:28 pm

    Carol Haney was a fantastic dancer. Why did she have to die so young?

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