Washingtonians wrap up China tour in Hangzhou 1

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Tonight in Hangzhou, the historic resort city on the West Lake, now a bastion of high-tech industry: the final performance of the three-week tour of Central China by Lula Washington Dance Theatre.

Mid-way through the itinerary, in the dusty back stairwell of a Henan province (Xinyang) theater, Keith Lommel, cultural attache at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, set up a home-spun portrait studio. One by one, dancers queued for a picture, posing as pleasantly as they did everything during a relatively grueling tour.

The photos above are Keith’s results, dancers first, musicians second, then management, tech crew, tourism assistance, and kids. Rounding out this terrific bus-load of creatives, a dance critic!

Traveling with this gang has been a joy and a pleasure. It is a privilege to know them, see them work, and pull it all off.

Congratulations, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, on a job immensely well done!

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  1. P.R. Levine Jun 16,2011 12:01 am

    Nice job. Made me want to return to China again which is saying something considering the political stories we see daily in the media../ Phil.

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